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A Terrible thing is happening to teachers. Something must be done! The disturbances are reaching their highest scale and the teachers who are teaching actually, are going to be left abandoned. There is a bleak picture, nightmarish devastation awaiting. There might not be a remedy if we do not wake up to the need of this very moment, forget the day.

The amount of fear and frustration I have is a collected lot of experiences of others, of mine and those of the students. The reason for having students as a party to this crisis is that there aren’t the individuals who have just paid the amount and have taken the enrollment tag. They have qualified to be students by their sheer honesty and belief in the process of education. Besides, teachers are there because of and for them. The ones we have got as clients or candidates are the ones who sometimes look like psychopaths. I am unhappy not with the audience in the classroom. I am unhappy with the conditioning that has been done. I am sad about the training they have been given by their own social circle and their previous schools. Higher Education expects and needs the minds to be guided in the direction of good careers. But the complexities lie in the absence of mind. First, we are left to make them free from the toxic elements leading their behaviour, attempt a cleansing and then only any initiation of learning can start. This is a long process. Before a teacher gets hold of the nerves, the society and perverted peers drag them back. We attempt to come via the sky, they run to tunnels.

Most of the hours of teaching-learning are wasted in managing the students. In the New Age of Human Advancements, where we see no limitation on the capacity of humans, we teachers are busy becoming the ring-masters. It is not the cave-age and we don’t have the wheel-fire inventors around. They have been declared civilized and the world just needs every one of us to sustain the intellectual resourcefulness we have been labelled with. Unfortunately, the status of awareness and the demands of the modern world are poles apart. There are two significant losses that have occurred to us in education. First is the long-lost virtue of empathy followed by the modern-day loss of decency. Both these can be part of common sense but sadly common sense is no more a common thing to us.

Teachers need to be rescued on two sides. First, they need to be saved from the irrational means and methods prescribed by employers. Teachers aren’t hired like industrial labour. They are selected based on the requirement and the requisites they full. But the entry of business models into education has turned it into corporate, a half-baked one though. The recruitment is not just faulty, it is disastrous. I do understand one thing that good teacher will not be welcomed by the modern-era EduIndustry because rational minds are threats to their falsehoods. However, it is all a false proposition. Good teachers, who actually teach and carry a character that creates the character, will actually enhance the income. Sadly, the eyes are closed.

The second part of the SOS call is about saving them from themselves. They have turned habitual procrastinators. Self-awareness, self-analysis and self-affirmations are things that have been left out. Everyone is saving their job, resulting in their resignation from teaching. I am not a perfect teacher, can never be. Not hunting for the same even. But I am able to see that we have been a part of national destruction and we need to rescue ourselves with the simple attributes of Truthfulness, Courage and Empathy.

The utopia has moved farther than before and the ideals have been compromised. The future generations might curse or will be jealous of us, for the apathy we have been demonstrating to our own life and learning. I have read and understood one thing about the unending urge to speak up. There are two types of people who speak these days: One is those who don’t care for anything and the other is those who know the outcomes of staying silent. In this lost world, we need to at least see where we are heading. It is a sheer danger. Nothing will be able to save or rescue us from the self-inflicted calamity. If we don’t interrupt them in the classrooms, in the parking or the colleges' buses where they seem to have turn owners of everything. We need to dare, it will cost us peace and sometimes jobs. But it would be better to rob someone than allowing a student to turn robber.

Being a student from the old school of thought and ideals (not ideology), I expect the learners to be ‘no-nonsense’ individuals. However, disappointment is a recurring one now. Each day I encounter the death of the learner who used to know the difference between right and wrong to some extent. But now, the classrooms have degraded to monotonous sermons where life-skills and intellect building don’t find a mention.

Leaving the rants colliding with each other, let's give a shout-out:

Rescue the Teacher!


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