English for grade IX has two major verticals for the students. In the textbooks, we find some poems and many prose chapters. It is a logical as well as observed thing that every topic in the syllabus complements the other topics. This connection makes us feel good about the topics and the inherent themes. The notes are only for reference and smart learning.

Beehive - Prose
1. The Fun They Had 

 2. The Sound of Music 1


The Sound of Music 2


3. The Little Girl


4. A Truly Beautiful Mind


 5. My Childhood

 Moments - Prose

1. The Lost Child

The Lost Child (Additional Notes)

2. The Adventures of Toto


3. In the Kingdom of Fools

 Read the Notes for In the Kingdom of Fools | English CBSE Grade IX 


4. The Happy Prince

Notes for Poems in Grade 9 CBSE English Term 1

CBSE has selected the following poems for Term 1 in grade IX English. The poems are distinct and also similar to each other. the distinction lies in the themes and the treatment given to the style of writing and the connotations implied. However, they are similar in one this - giving the lesson of goodness to the readers. This goodness is of self and for the betterment of the world.

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CBSE English Term 1 Syllabus and SQP for IX to XII

Corona Pandemic has not allowed education to function normally. Not just the examination and assessment but the classes have not been able to start properly. However, CBSE has been trying to implement some ways to keep the assessment in an active mode. They have divided the session into two terms now. 

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