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Life of a Student is Beautiful. One who learns life is a student and one who doesn't is merely a presence. Teachers also learn while imparting learning. So our discussion henceforth refers to the learners vis-a-vis Students.

My teachers have always possessed a peculiar sense of humour as well as a sense of self-discipline. They did mock us but kept themselves in a strong territory. They were filled with sarcasm which was the right amount a teacher should always have. They knew how to create the Educate-Entertain-Educate amalgamation in and out of the classroom.

When we got near their shoes (wearing them is tough) we felt that educating a child isn't that simple a job. It's not a job at all. One cannot get appointed as a teacher. It is an individual who is appointed and what is done in the class, to the pupils, is what makes or fails the teacher.

Becoming an aspirant to earn the label of 'I am a Teacher' gave some unique areas to work on. All humans possess happiness and humour by default. The requirement is to activate the stock. I did open the warehouse of humour and happiness. Yes, I did put happiness later as to me laughter was what happiness could mean. It came far later that happiness became first thing and humour got the sidewalk.

A teacher has to be an entertainer, a show-stopper and a reliable anchor of the show. He has to keep the interest ablaze because any time the darkness of stereotyping can encompass over the classroom. The amount of deviations has increased as much as to cause any-moment-diverted students. The attention span has come down to seconds from the 3 minutes.

Mixing the Life Lessons with Attention-Grabbing quotes, sentences, anecdotes or stories is the subtle are of not giving a dull moment. The sustainable learning experience is possible with this strategy only. The communication purpose Trinity of Inform-Persuade-Entertain does carry significance if we follow it.

While I was putting humour in lead, sarcasm joined in and made it tough sometimes to get back to the learning part. Those were learning days for me as an Aspiring Teacher. We used to laugh out loud even before the invention of the LOL or even ROFL. The stand-up presenter part was always active in me. Children did enjoy the punches and pinches. However, the session always started with something seriously conveyed. There were quotes or short paragraphs written in advance for the first sessions of the season. Each class had to get those words of wisdom.

That habit is part of me as a teacher now. I do make a definite and defined plan to open the very first session. Without telling them about the significance of my plan for them, it isn't possible to meet their needs and expectations. Once they know why you are teaching them this way, they have a reason to travel along. A student shared with me:


This was serious to say in the beginning but this much straight talk was required unless they would have taken the subsequent humour and happiness as mere entertainment.

What change has occurred in me in this decade of learning with the students and in the classroom is the development of happiness belief. Humour or comedy or TJs (Teacher Jokes) happen automatically once you enter the classroom carrying happiness-feeling happy. Once they know that they are the world for you; once they know that you owe it to them when you feel happy coming to them, they connect with you. And that's the whole educational expedition is all about.

I understand that laughter of some students is not that big thing. Those who smile at the presence and stay attached to the lesson amid that swirl of 'happiness break on random things', are the rewards. They should be left smiling when you depart and their take away from the class must be a bundle of joy as well, of course, along with learning.

Happiness seems to be contagious. It is very much there around. One has to remember that, regular training of mind is important to keep the ball rolling. We should not put a cage around them. If they laugh, they learn to laugh. If you laugh with them, they learn to learn with you. The natural way of learning is to be at a place which shares learning not 'feeds learning'. There lies a risk of losing the thread. This formula should be tried by 'TEACHERS' only! 

The happiness of being a teacher is the key to have a happy life in the teaching occupation.

So Happy Out Happy, not just LOL!


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