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There is a time for daring and there is a time for caution. These are the times for the later and the former has to be kept under check for now. You do not need to fall prey to the temptations of the ‘external’ world. If you do so, it is at your cost and later becomes costly for the ones around you. There are always times of acting as Robinhood but there are certain times it is better to be the hermit.

The family has a different colour these days, so has nature around us. We see forest creatures coming back to the streets. Why I say back is based on an elderly notion that the planet belongs to them actually. We, humans, have trespassed on it. It is not just an illegal possession taken by us. We could have kept it for all but we restricted the land for us. Then we moved to the waters and brought it to our polluted territories. Now, when humans are back to their concrete cages and nature has got time to claim its part on the planet, we can see some beautiful images coming from all parts of the world. It is not just the stars that we are able to see; it is the twinkling up there which is the silver lining for us. It is not just the Dolphins swimming back to the edges of the water, it is the opportunity to see that we had actually polluted the water meant for them in the first case.

There are still some of us who are going to jump with the same commercial madness into the free world next month (hopefully). The daring that we are trying to curb in these days and weeks of global lockdown has to be carried forward for some more months. The world is going to set loose on a weak bridge. Millions are going to throng the streets in celebration of liberation from being ‘home locked’, not just home alone. The exit strategy that we need to develop shall include no daring clause for our family and friends. Once we manage to safeguard ourselves and our families from this Pandemic, the concern shall remain on convalescence from the mental trauma that we are facing. Ensure that you do not pile-up something in the mind. Overthinking is a daring that should not be on your list.

Robin Williams, whose image is the intro-image to this blog, says these words of not to run after adventure every time. There are moments and even days when we can see bliss in ignorance of excitement we feel. There can be a blessing in disguise if we turn bit passive to the blasts outside. Not to be impacted and influenced by the market forces is what we should have been doing all this modern life. We failed to create that ‘Lakshman Rekha’ aka safety line around us and got trapped to an unending game. This lockdown tells us that we do have a chance to move within ourselves and rejuvenate the natural essence of life. The small things we ignored can become significant. The taste of the tomatoes and the colours that are left on our fingers when we hold a butterfly and the happiness we feel when a squirrel comes near to pick a biscuit from our hands is unfathomable can become permanent part.

We just need to reduce the adventurous exploits and connect with nature. The way we see mountains and rivers, oceans and the sky, plants and crops, standing still until they gain meaning for their existence, we can learn a lot about the living styles. The fundamentals are always simple. What we have is:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Life at Workplace
  • Professional Life beyond Workplace
  • The Entertainment and Rejuvenation Part
  • Personal Enhancement

All these segments shall need cautious re-refreshing. Hence, the caution you have chosen now shall continue for some more time. Engage with the inner self and nature first. There is no need to dare and die again the death of a trapped human. We all are fighting a tough battle against something not one of us. We are in need of an unprecedented togetherness and unity, even in the times when the meeting is impossible. We all deserve a standing ovation for the strength that is keeping us cautious and concerned at the same time. Be Kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle! (Movie - Wonder)BeKindForEveryoneIsHERO

Keep the habit of talking to family and friends as a regular thing now on. The sight of the sunrise, the priority of saving food and resources, the empathy for the poor and the interest in reading, movies, creative hacks and even cooking-gardening – KEEP THEM ALIVE. You aren’t in jail that you are going to shun these activities once you are out. We had been in a cage that never allowed us to see what the sad feeling is that we can have when we see thousands dying in far-off countries. This reciprocal altruism for the world, if born, should remain. This is a storm and shall surely pass. We wish and pray that it does so with less of loss to the world!

Dear World! Do remember that:

There is a time for daring and there is a time for caution.


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