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SWOT has been one of the fundamental concepts of management, soft skills, and self-analysis. Those who have transitioned from the old school to the modern world will recall how we used to make this four-box thing with plans. Now the value of this analysis has increased multi-fold. But, as the world has experienced a swift change in its approach towards life, 'THREATS' have become CHALLENGES.

The MindTools website has been a regular resource to me in terms of management and Communication Skills related learning. While we move towards a revision of SWOT, it is important to know what exactly this acronym means in the first:

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, and so a SWOT analysis is a technique for assessing these four aspects of your business or your own self.

SWOT Analysis is a tool that can help you to analyze what your company does best right now, and to devise a successful strategy for the future. SWOT can also uncover areas of the business that are holding you back, or that your competitors could exploit if you don't protect yourself. 

Strength: What works best for you, in spite of adverse situations and even people is your strength. It is not affected by contexts or circumstances. It has that guarantee for you that makes you walk with confidence. This might not be the bank balance or the army of the world's most deadly weapons - but the things you develop and keep as strength are something that WORKS! Strengths are inherent sometimes but this does not mean heredity. One has to inculcate and preserve them.

Weaknesses, like strengths, are inherent features of your organization or self, so focus on your people, resources, systems, and procedures. Think about what you could improve, and the sorts of practices you should avoid. A weakness is a limitation and can be resolved. One can have the weakness of not knowing a computer or even a lack of Communication Skills can be a weakness. The truth is, that both these limitations can be cured by constant and consistent efforts.

Opportunity: Opportunities are openings or chances for something positive to happen, but you'll need to claim them for yourself! This claim is not going to happen on the spot. One has to establish the eligibility beforehand, in advance, and with a consistently developed image. As they have said that opportunity will knock on the door so be ready. Our efforts, dedication, and charisma work well to derive the best out of some tough situations as well. 

Many of you might find (in 2022) that the fourth segment of the SWO... is T - bringing THREAT. Let's dare and show the world a mature-modern approach. Threats can be defined as guerrilla enemies to you. They will attack; they will lose but will weaken you significantly. However, in this year, in this decade, we do not see things behaving this way. Or to say in a modified version: WE DO NOT BOTHER MUCH AND HAVE BECOME STRONG ENOUGH TO PUT UP A FIGHT! Hence, Threats from the SWOT have changed into Challenges. That is a positive change. It is not just positive, but Right Change as well. To solve a problem, one needs to change the attitude. If we try to deal with a problem, a threat with the same attitude that created it - we shall definitely fail. hence, time to change the approach - the lens through which we see the 'PROBLEM'. Call it a challenge and you will see an eligibility to participate in the efforts and perseverance.

The Fourth part of SWO is C - coming as Challenges. This change from Threats to Challenges is the core of the modern Positive Thoughts where we know that we can not demolish the existence of something by fighting it directly. We have to carve out our own version which, when placed in comparison, can stand out with success. Threats as a term bring negative connotations and seem to forbid us from participating in the cause. So, the world is shifting to a less harsh understanding and more of a self-motivational interpretation. 

We invite you to, do less reading today but we are sure that you will appreciate the change occurring in the SWOT to SWOC.

This link is not a SWOC test though but should be read, if not attempted. A single reading of the questions help in doing a SWOC later. 




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