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Swami Chinmayananda's Twitter account shared this message highlighting the importance of intuition. The followers of spirituality do trust the presence of the supreme self-soul in the body and also adhere to the notion of ‘intuition’.

Real Knowledge comes only through intuition.

The moment we read the last word of this sentence, we see that it is all about an abstract object which is known as Intuition but hasn't been seen by eyes. We feel it somewhere deep in our heart and mind. The intellect supports the intuition; it creates the intuitiveness as well. The mind is its own place and can make a heaven of hell and hell of heaven. We won't be surprised if we see that the lives of legendary people are not made of protests against the circumstances and contexts they have been in. It was their response. If we see someone turning silent to something stupid and later appreciate their decision of not getting engaged in unproductive interaction, we are acknowledging their intuition. You can predict things once you learn to respect and manage this power of the mind.

A number of self-help books also talk of the same thing. The giant within is awakened when we acknowledge the presence and supremacy of the mind’s competence to work in our favour. Bad times always pass and the focus must be on minimum loss in that duration. Who tells us these things, our intuitions! The vibrations that we feel when someone enters the room are the same ‘Shakti Sutras’ that enable a sense of understanding and judgement in us. The gut-feeling and sixth sense have been common in our conversations. That is what I am referring but with a subtle and acute frame.

The distinction between knowledge and real knowledge is that of authentication via the implementation of learning. What we learn through experience is termed as experiential learning per se real knowledge. Applicability level of such an asset is higher than the passive knowledge that comes in a linear fashion. I often read the saying that the real in us is silent and the acquired is talkative. Real knowledge speaks aloud. This acquisition has to be made with unending efforts.

Navin Gulia, the KarmaYogi, puts the driving forces of life in a precise manner. He says, "Fear and Desire drive us to our destination. They are the agents that make us work daily. What we need is to channelise the fear in a positive direction. Destiny is unavoidable and our fears won't make a difference to anything. They only disturb the momentum and divert us from goals." Navin believes that it is better most often to take a consult from a layman who has lived his life in a village and has seen seasons of weather and wars around. I am much convinced by the intuitions that run behind the inspiring words of Navin Gulia.

What Navin told me is what I term as real knowledge. This man, an Inspiring Eklavya to me, has gained knowledge by travelling on the path to life. His Quest to the Last Victory is sheer real knowledge. He is a firm believer in the Power of the Mind and drives himself to success.

I learnt from Sadhguru that if you are bothered about the success of someone else and want to be better than someone else, you are losing the possible bliss that could come your way. He is so apt when he says that life is a combination of time and energy. Both are limited. That is how I understand the use of intuition. An awakened and focused mind can make ‘intuitiveness’ a part of daily life. Watch your Words and Think of the impact of your words as well. Intuition helps in the same.

Instinct, Perception, Insight, Awareness, Sensitivity, Sixth Sense, Hunch are some of the synonyms that actually help us understand that Intuition is not an alien thing to have. Without awareness and sensitivity, we are a defeated existence otherwise as well. One who knows where he is and what he is doing can define a purpose as well. When there is a purpose, the foundation is of insights, perception and Instincts. Keep your Instincts Vigorous and then enjoy the life that has a meaning.

One can be meditative each moment of the day. Your intuitions attract the peace that you crave for and the magnet you possess inside is always looking for some weight around. Eklavya desired to have the real knowledge of archery as well as of life. Dronacharya could not accept him as his disciple. Now the role of intuition comes. We see Eklavya as the supreme learner because his intuitions were clear and firm.

Eklavyaism accepts the hand of intuition in learning. One has to have a working intellect. The capacity to THINK and then take a decision leads us to the skill of Decision Making and Critical Thinking. Gut feeling is also an important part of this understanding. It also tells you that sometimes one has to give up on things that go beyond control. The serenity that we all want comes through the wisdom to do the difference between the things we can change and we cannot.

We prove to be different from other creatures because we can think and think better. Our perceptions, sensitivity and insights help us possess a strong sense of intuition. There is no better YOGA than mastering your own mind and intuitions. We just need to see the right path, the rational way.

Don’t Run to the Wall; Run to the Door, to Openness and Intuition!

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