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We are what we communicate. Our messages can go by any media but the composition of the message matters the most. Not just the handwriting, tone, pitch or intonation, but there are many other aspects that affect our communication. The Mind is what we need to master to make our communication victorious. We bring to you the first mention of Communication Psychology.

We understand that Communication has been defined as a process. The transmission of information happens because an Information Source attempts to do so. The Destination understands the transmitted message because there is an Intention to Comprehend. How the sender customises the information in a certain way that the desired feedback is earned? This is what we research in this domain. Relating to the established concepts and theories of Psychology and bringing them (of course not all) to Communication is the take for this -logy. Of course, the task will be tough because what we have in hand is not a small thing to establish. Communication Psychology shall be kept in a mention for a long time and hopefully, there will be a day when the world shall start acknowledging this as a stand-alone integrated domain of learning.

This is something human, related to the mind-intellect and alignments. Studying that and utilising this understanding in designing successful communication maps shall also be a benefit of this Communication Psychology Concept. 

While taking classes of Communication Skills for the last three years (2009-2021), I feel that more than the language I use to communicate, it is the intent and formation of my messages that work. Students do not appreciate me or the communication I do. No doubt, the acknowledgement is earned by the words that reach them, but the real agent of the impressive communication is the Psychology behind that. The eureka realisation dropped a hint to the curious teacher and I connected this to my upcoming PhD.

This made me realise that there are immense possibilities to work on Communication and while looking at it from a 'calculated distance' - Communication Psychology was found active. Communication stands for efforts to connect with the other whereas psychology is considered to be the behavioural science. Gone are the days when human behaviour was something unknown-we have observed it from within and concepts have been established. In the same manner, Communication Psychology seems evident. I am no one to give a policy statement or a model of Communication Psychology. This is an attempt to know the nuances and notions about Psychology's Role in Communication.

Psychology and Communication go hand-in-hand and fulfil the gap in understanding complicated behaviours in all domains of life. From Personal to Social and from Business to Services- We need to predict the behaviour and CommPsycho helps us-Empowers Us. These predictions can be so subtle that the who are in business or advertising can accurately predict consumer behaviour. That has been done as well, as we see around on TV Commercials or visual advertisements. To put it in a new terminology of marketing, I shall suggest UPP in place of USP here. If one utilises this concept in advertising and marketing, a Unique Selling Proposition is not the big thing working. USP is of a product. We here talk about influencing the behaviour pattern and response of the prospective customer. hence, the work, as Communication Psychology says, shall be done on the UPP  Unique Preference point. If the seller can tame my UPP, and offer me a product at the right time with the appropriate communication, the product is sold. This is what is going to happen in the new era of the web and internet-based market.

Let Us See what it is and What is it made of. Psychology or Communication, both are found to be complementary to Each Other! Understanding Communication Psychology is like making one colour from the multiples scattered around us. It is to integrate the Felt-Observed-Written-and Reflected Upon. Communication Psychology is to See into Psychology through Communication's magnifying glasses. A microscopic analysis of Psychology's presence in Communication is to be done. It is not just about the presence of certain topics in the syllabus from Behavioural Sciences, it is about developing a field altogether, which has been in presence for many years, but it has not been conceptualised.

I am on the task to research this phenomenon and wish that as Communication enabled me and millions, Communication psychology brings a better understanding of HOW we should communicate to get the best out of life.

This article seems to be the only one guiding to connect the existing literature. However, it is not disappointing, rather promising that we do have much to develop for Communication Psychology. We can refer to this article as well.


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