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Landing in Uzbekistan on 16 September came with a lot of baggage. The responsibility that I carried to the Tashkent campus of Amity University had been there since the first and second decade of this century. When EduSoMedia started at the Noida campus, I had no idea where it would take the learning level. Now, I realise, those Mock Interviews on Soundcloud by My Students in 2009-2015, had some power to grant you wishes - like a genie!

The Podcasts by Amity University Tashkent students came online in October. The plan has been there since the job interview and the commitments I proposed. So, to be a man of words and matching actions, I took the students on this journey of Edu-Podcasting. We just recorded one day - on the mobile phone, a class discussion, where I acted as the Radio Jockey or the Anchor, moving from one student to another, keeping them in smile-laugh mode. Editing was done and we were on the Learning Radio which is on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, JioSaavn, Gaana and a lot more podcasting platforms. Knowing that Yandex Music is used here in Uzbekistan, the show was submitted on this app as well.

Moving ahead from one minute for a student to 3-4 minutes short stories and general talks, the International Foundation Studies students at Tashkent made a strong claim on individual episodes with their own names on them. 

Then came the MOCK Interviews Podcasts. While developing the syllabus for English Through Spoken and Listening Practice (Semester 2) I added PBL into it with topics like Podcasts, Vlogs, Visual Resume, LinkedIn Profile etc. Students did one assignment of writing their Answers to selected Interview Questions. This work led them to RECORD the Interview. One classmate acted as Interviewer and the student gave an interview visualising that this is done after graduation. So, ROLE PLAY played a role here. The terminology for their answers was researched by them to make it become impressive and original.

Here is the Playlist Link for for all IFS Amity Episodes.

The MOCK INTERVIEWS deserve a dedicated share, so the episodes are embedded from Spotify. You can avoid Spotify, if desired and be on Hubhopper, Apple or even Amazon. A small web search can take you to any site having 'Learning Radio Amity University in Tashkent IFS Podcasts'.

Curtain Raiser: 

Mock Interview: 01 

Mock Interview: 02  

Mock Interview: 03 

Mock Interview: 04  

 All Episodes will be added to the playlist and New Posts.

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