South Korea and Japan Peace Dialogue | Japancasting Podcast | Ep13

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Osaka Jogakuin College first-year students perform a 4-minute dramatic role play they created for the Annual Peace Dialogue Contest. They speak a little Japanese and Korean as well as English and show lively Osaka personalities. They try to overcome historical conflicts between Japan and South Korea that are still problems today.

They discuss politicians visiting the Yasukuni Shinto shrine in Tokyo, which honours Japan’s soldiers before and during World War II. They also try to reconcile a dispute over an island called Dokdo in Korean and Takeshima in Japanese.

The episode is Live at - and can be listened to on Apple Podcasts and Spotify as well.


The script, with Korean words, is written phonetically in Japanese or Romanized: 

J Hello. 私は日本の首相、小泉純一郎です。

K I’m glad to see you. ナヌン ハングゲ テートンリョ ノ・ムヒョン イムニダ。

K Long time no see, Mr. Koizumi.

J Yes! How have you been, Mr. Noh? 

K Oh. You think I’m good?

J Yeah! I think you don’t need a doctor. Ha ha ha!

K Hey! It’s not funny! Don’t visit Yasukuni Shrine!

J Why not?

K What the hell are you saying!!?? You must know why!!

J Wait! Wait! Wait! Don’t go crazy!! ・・ Hey ・・ calm down. OK. Let’s talk about it. I know you are angry. What’s the problem to you?

K I told you I don’t want you to visit Yasukuni, because you are Japan's leader, so visiting Yasukuni means agreement with war. ・・Say something!!

J I said calm down! All right・・ I never meant like you said but it’s to remember our “no war” policy.

K I can’t understand that.

J I mean, visiting Yasukuni is just to pray for people killed by war! I never approve of war. ・・・So what do you want me to do?

K You said you’ll make a memorial park or something that everyone can visit naturally, right??

J Oh・・・I did??

K You did.

J I ・・・er・・・yeah. I know. But Japan doesn’t have enough money for a memorial now. You know, some Japanese won’t agree with that, but trust me. I really want to make a memorial. Please trust me!!

K Ummm・・・・・OK. I’ll wait.

J What about Takeshima?

K You mean Tokdo?

J It’s ours! ( K HA!? ) No problem! Sorry! Anyway, I have an idea about this. Let’s share the island in all profit and duty!

K How? Impossible ‥‥‥

J Think about it! We can build a theme park or something on the island, and we can share the profit 50:50. People of both Korea and Japan can come to Takeshima without visas.

K Um‥‥ just a theme park?

J No! No! It’s just an example.

K ‥ Hotels?              ( J Good! )

 ‥ Tennis courts?     ( J Nice! )

 ‥ Restaurants?     ( J Great! )

 ‥ Casinos?            ( J Like Las Vegas!! Yes!! )

J What do you think!?

K But ‥ how about underwater resources? This is the main point.

J 50:50! Of course!

K Great!!

J Can you cooperate about public opinion in Korea?

K It’s hard・・・but I’ll try.

J Thank you so much!!! Kamusamunida!!!

K That’s OK!!

J&K   We’ll do our best for peace.

J Hey, Mr. Noh!! Please come to the memorial someday and I’ll come to yours too!

K Oh! That’s great! Let’s drink after that in Takeshima!!

J Ha ha ha!! OK!! See you later!

K Bye-bye!!

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