What is EduSoMedia?

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What is EduSoMedia? EduSoMedia stands for Education through Social Media. Making optimum use of Social Media Platforms/Networks by integrating them into teaching-learning methodology. The Pedagogy of Teaching uses Blogging, YouTube, Podcasts, Twitter, Google Hangouts, Webinars etc. to keep the classroom active at all times to achieve collaborative learning.

It is an organism of creating integrated learning networks with collaborative learning. EduSoMedia advocates inclusiveness-irrespective of the geographical, social, cultural, institutional, economic or any other factor. The acronym is simple, yet the connotations are massive. Social Media relates to a world of its own and education is making learners literate with skills and awareness.

EduSoMedia aims at participative and blended learning that is the need of the hour. It endorses the use of social media (social networking) tools, such as Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+. These tools also include the sharing platforms like WhatsApp, WeChat, ChatOn, Viber, Skype, YouTube, SoundCloud, Google Drive, Edmodo, WizIQ, Vimeo, Podcast platforms etc. The availability of the low-cost Internet, Public Wi-Fi facility has added to the use and expansion.

Convergences between communication technologies and information technologies have brought an entirely new manifestation of classroom teaching. In the last three decades we have seen enough development in satellite-based education and the ‘EDUSAT’ – Countrywide Classrooms- are no myth but a reality. Technology has already entered the classrooms and schools are heading towards becoming ‘smart school’ with ‘smart classes’. The traditional Teacher, with the stick, chalk-duster presence has been transformed into one who prepares slides. The flipped classrooms, power-point presentations, OHPs, iPads, language labs etc. have enhanced the power of the teacher at the school level.

The methodology at schools across the world has changed to make it more comprehensive. Even the schools that are run by governments have started adopting these technological tools to bring their students at par with the public and convent schools. From UNESCO to the individual national bodies, all have acknowledged the need to innovate and bring ‘increased learning’.

Ahead of these devices and tools that are installed in the classroom is the use of social media. Social Media trends affect the political and economic domains to a great extent. Even the social and cultural life is not being spared. There has been a new awakening in the Socio-Cultural world and masses have joined to stay connected. Denying the presence of social media in education is next to impossible.

In this age of global social connectivity, the advent of social networking has brought a substantial shift in educational approaches. The Teacher-Student relationship stays but the classroom has expanded to a new level. EdTech, Educational Technology, has emerged as the foundation of modern education. It is not without any reason. We can see the paradigm shift from traditional methodologies to smart classes.

EklavyaParv is an EduSoMedia platform and shall be sharing more on the concept.

There are more than 15 Blogs with EduSoMedia as their Header. These blogs have been developed and maintained by students. There are class Blog Managers and Editorial Boards for the Blogs.

About the Author
Author: Parveen Sharma Website: https://linktr.ee/teacherparv
'You Create Yourself' is the belief that drives EklavyaParv! It is a Life Long Learning Mission with firm belief in the philosophy of Eklavyaism. We share learning on Communication Skills, EdTech, Life Skills, Blended & Innovative Learning and Insights about Career, Skills and Lifelong learning. Founded by Parveen Sharma, EklavyaParv is part of various pioneering initiatives like EduSoMedia, EduPodcasts, PodMOOCs and Skill-ogy. He is a faculty of English, Communication Skills with globally acknowledged expertise in EdTech and Innovative Teaching. You can listen to his podcasts on all leading platforms.