JAPANCASTING - The Woman Diver (Japanese Folktale) by Steve McCarty

One of the oldest professions is that of the diver for pearls or humbler offerings of the sea. Akiko Takemoto and Steve McCarty have translated a heart-rending story from various Japanese versions, as a prehistoric legend moved from oral to written traditions over millennia. To help readers ponder its significance, brief discussion points for college or secondary school classes follow the story.

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Knowing JAPAN with Steve McCarty

Japan is not just a country that inspires us through its discipline and technological advancements. It has made a mark on the minds and masses around the world through the 'peaceful' consistency in terms of political or business alignments. It has a colour and aura of its own; it has a subtle understanding of 'nationality' to offer, and it has a claim to get known in the 21st century.

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